June 7, 2023

Learn from leading experts in data analysis and design at Rocky Mountain Methodology Academy

Haskayne’s Canadian Centre for Research Analysis and Methods offers in-person sessions July 18-29
Andrew Hayes, Distinguished Research Professor and Director of the Canadian Centre for Research Analysis and Methods (CCRAM)
Andrew Hayes, Distinguished Research Professor and Director of the Canadian Centre for Research Analysis and Methods (CCRAM). Kelly Hofer for the Haskayne School of Business

Dr. Andrew Hayes, PhD, has a goal: To provide tools to allow researchers — in academia, industry or government — to work smarter and produce the most rigorous research results. An accomplished researcher with over 185,000 citations to his name, Hayes also invented the PROCESS macro for SPSS, SAS, and R that makes data analysis easier for researchers using this statistical software.

Hayes relocated to Calgary in 2021, joining the Haskayne School of Business as a Distinguished Research Professor and helped establish the Canadian Centre for Research Analysis and Methods (CCRAM) where he now serves as director. The centre offers courses on data analysis and research design both online and in person all year. During the summer, there is a selection of in-person courses offered on campus so students can enhance their knowledge and research practice at the Rocky Mountain Methodology Academy.

Advancing research practice while making connections

“The Rocky Mountain Methodology Academy offers an opportunity to connect with fellow researchers while learning the latest research tools and techniques,” says Hayes. “There is a multiplier effect with these in-person sessions. Participants help co-create the content with the questions they bring and the projects they are working on. Sometimes, the people who meet in class become collaborators beyond the classroom.”

Most of the Rocky Mountain Methodology Academy sessions are two days in length. There are four sessions in the summer between July 18 and 29, so participants can easily take more than one course while still having time to explore Calgary and surrounding area. There are organized day trips to Banff as a part of the academy to give a chance to connect outside the classroom.

Leading experts facilitate courses

Experts from both Canada and the U.S. will be facilitating the Rocky Mountain Methodology Academy. New to the team this year is Dr. Kristopher Preacher, PhD, professor of psychology at Vanderbilt University with a course on multilevel structural equation modelling July 21-22. Preacher, well-known for his work in research methodology with over 125,000 citations, will also be delivering the keynote address on July 20 titled Embracing Nonlinear Regression Without Getting All Bent Out of Shape.

“Kris is a household name in behavioural statistics and a terrific speaker and instructor. We are so excited to have Kris sharing his expertise with attendees of Rocky Mountain Methodology Academy and the University of Calgary community,” says Hayes, who also has a history of collaboration with Preacher.

Beyond courses throughout the year, CCRAM also offers a free resource hub that includes technical reports that Hayes has developed to provide advice on statistical software and guidance on research design topics. Researchers are encouraged to join the CCRAM mailing list to keep up to date on the latest courses, events and resources.

Opportunity for graduate students

The Rocky Mountain Methodology Academy can help graduate students as well as seasoned researchers jump ahead and modernize their research methodology training. The content most students receive as a part of their graduate studies is the foundation for a research practice. With the increasing advances in data analysis and design, researchers need to be continuous learners.

“The content offered by CCRAM can help you to work smarter,” says Hayes. “In just two days you can come away with skills that will enhance your research analysis and design. These skills can not only save you time while gathering and analyzing data — but may also lessen the time your papers spend in review and revision.”

Graduate students and postdoctoral scholars anywhere in the world are eligible for a 10 per cent discount when enrolling in any CCRAM course, including the Rocky Mountain Methodology Academy sessions.

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