July 4, 2015

Killam trustees at university for annual visit

A full day of activity and celebration for trustees and award winners

George Cooper of Halifax.

The Killam trustees will be at the University of Calgary Friday for their annual visit to the university.

The Killam Trust was established by prominent Canadian businessman Izaak Walton Killam and his wife Dorothy J. Killam to support advanced education. 

Kevin Lynch of Toronto.

On campus to take part in various activities as part of their duties as trustees of the Killam Endowments are George Cooper, CM, Q.C., LLD (Halifax); the Honorable Kevin Lynch, PC, OC, PhD, LLD (Toronto); Ann McCaig, CM, AOE, LLD (Calgary, and Chancellor Emeritus at the University of Calgary); John S. Montalbano, CFA (Vancouver) along with former Killam trustee John Matthews (Toronto).


Ann McCaig of Calgary.

The trustees’ visit starts with Kevin Lynch participating in the Close Encounters series with the Graduate Leaders Circle. Tara Christie, My GradSkills program, notes that this series “is an excellent opportunity to bring together emerging graduate student leaders with leaders in society. It is an honour for the students to meet with and learn from a business leader, volunteer and Canada’s most senior civil servant.”  Lynch will be the third presenter in this series.

John S. Montalbano of Vancouver.

The trustees will attend a luncheon where the Killam Research and Teaching awards will be announced, followed by the annual business meetings for the endowment.

The culmination of the day will be the annual dinner, where trustees and university leaders meet the Killam Scholars, talk to them about their research during the poster presentation, and announce the winner of the Donald N. Byers Memorial Killam Prize for the Best Statement of Program of Studies and Research.

John Matthews of Toronto.

The trustees spend a day at each of the five Killam universities throughout the year participating in events around and supporting the Killam Trusts.

Visit the website for more information on the Killam Trusts at the University of Calgary.