Feb. 12, 2020

Intellectual Engagement in the Workplace

Are you “100% in” at work? When people are motivated and interested in their work, given the freedom to explore, feel like they are making a contribution and have a sense of belonging to an organization, they are engaged in their work. 
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Intellectual Engagement in the Workplace

View this webinar to explore four key principles to be engaged at work and to answer the question 'what did you do at work today?:

  • Individuals can be creators of possibility at work
  • Purposeful work that is fulfilling and is “engaging”
  • Constructive feedback, support and experiences enhance learning
  • A workplace is a place of “connection”

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Intellectual Engagement in the Workplace Resources


Book: Mindset, The New Psychology of Success, Carol S. Dweck

Book: Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Book: The Power of Story: Change Your Story: Change Your Destiny in Business and in Life, Jim Loehr

Book: Creating You and Company: How to Think Like the CEO of Your Own Career, William Bridges

Book: Spiders in Space: Successfully Adapting to Unwanted Change, Todd Hirsch

Book: Deep Change: Discovering the Leader Within, Robert E. Quinn

Book: Ecological Pedagogy, Buddhist Pedagogy, Hermeneutic Pedagogy: Experiments in a Curriculum for Miracles, Jackie Seidel and David W. Jardine

Thesis: Intellectual Engagement in the Workplace by Laura Strachan


UCalgary Mentor Link – for University of Calgary students, faculty, staff and alumni

Additional Resources

Alberta Learning Information Services for career planning, job search and educational planning

Intellectual Engagement in the Workplace Webinar Speaker Laura Strachan (email)