Aug. 18, 2021

Inclusion is important in how we build our cities, roll-out health care, and tell stories

UCalgary launches new Embedded Certificate in Pluralism and Global Citizenship for undergraduates across all faculties
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Registration for Pluralism 201 and the certificate program is now open to undergraduate students across all faculties. Getty Images

This fall the university is launching new embedded certificate in Pluralism and Global Citizenship. The program is open to undergraduate students in all faculties, departments, and disciplines who have the capacity to complete the course requirements as a complement to their program of study.

“We are operating in an increasingly complex society and employers are looking for people who can work in diverse settings and understand why people have diverse experiences,” says Dr. Gavin Cameron, associate dean, Internationalization & Global Initiatives, Faculty of Arts, and academic coordinator, Embedded Certificate in Pluralism & Global Citizenship. “Students will learn to recognize their own assumptions and values, appreciate different sets of values shaped by other cultures and identities, develop a disposition toward openness and an active engagement with people from diverse backgrounds who have their own perspectives and interests.”

It starts with Pluralism 201

The first core course in the program, Pluralism 201, is offered in both fall 2021 and winter 2022. The course is a self-reflection to help students identify how they see the world around them as well as how others are profoundly shaped by their personal experiences.

“The critical thinking skills in this course can be applied to working in a number of career paths, including health care, education, government, marketing, and business,” says Cameron. "For example, it really helps to understand why some populations might be hesitant to engage in government opportunities. Are certain pockets of the population suspicious of government messaging based on their prior experiences? This understanding of people can help shape how programs are rolled out and how to increase uptake in public policy initiatives.”

We need human diversity to build healthy, and robust societies. 

Registration for the Pluralism 201 and the certificate program is now open to undergraduate students across all faculties.