April 28, 2023

Immerse yourself in the world of kinesiology research

Poster sessions showcase diversity of research within Kinesiology
Patrick Milner presenting research poster
Patrick Milner at research poster presentation MacKenna Christophe

This winter semester marked the first time in which the Faculty of Kinesiology introduced an undergraduate research poster session for both KNES 490 honours students and undergraduate research scholarship students.

After insightful feedback about the honours course from last year’s students, the Faculty of Kinesiology created a space where students could publicly present their efforts and hard work.

“When you enter the poster sessions, you will see a tremendous diversity of research within Kinesiology all in one place. It is a snapshot of what the faculty explores and how we contribute to the health and wellness, and sport and performance areas of research,” says Dr. William Bridel, PhD.

What is the purpose of the undergraduate research poster sessions?

By providing students with the opportunity to present their research, students gain insights and further hone their skills in research presentation, learn from one another as peer researchers, and create a safe space for students to be proud of their work.

Rachel Wasserman

Rachel Wasserman discusses research findings

MacKenna Christophe

In KNES 490, students enrolled in the honours program embarked on independent research projects under the supervision of a Kinesiology faculty member, gearing toward public display within the poster sessions and production of a manuscript. Additionally, eleven students were awarded a Kinesiology Undergraduate Research Scholarship, funded by Students’ Union Quality Money, which was secured by former Kinesiology Students’ Union representatives Sagar Grewal and Matthieu Chin. Working on their research part-time, students spent 10 months conducting, researching, and then presenting their work.

Bridel reflects on his experiences with supervising students and the positive changes he has seen with the KNES 490 honours course.

“I love supervising student projects. It creates new perspectives and growth. To see the growth and confidence in students is infinitely rewarding,” he says.

Tyra Fernandes

Tyra Fernandez (left) presents research poster

MacKenna Christophe

The future of poster sessions and its students

Students were able to share their work with more than just the KNES 490 class and had an impact on a wider audience (parents, professors, students, lab mates, friends etc.) The diversity of research offered within the faculty was a highlight for all research students.

“If I could describe my experience in one word it would be ‘eye-opening,’” says Rachel Wasserman, third-year, BSc in Kinesiology, part-time undergraduate research scholarship recipient.

For future students interested in research, these sessions provide the opportunity to ask honours students about their research, how it was conducted, and to understand their experiences in an honours research project. By providing these opportunities to both honours’ students, scholarship students, and future researchers, the undergraduate research poster sessions aim to create meaningful experiences for all involved.

Research is intertwined with the opportunity to explore, learn, and grow. By offering the opportunity for honours students to share their work, it creates a faculty rich in research, connection, diversity, and knowledge.

The Faculty of Kinesiology is the No. 1 sport science school in North America and No. 11 globally.