Aug. 25, 2020

How to build your leadership skills (and your future resume!) at UCalgary

Developing your leadership skills at UCalgary.

If you’re looking to develop your leadership skills at UCalgary, the first place you should turn to is the Leadership and Student Engagement (LSE) office. If you’re a first-year student, the LSE offers the Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) to help get you involved on campus, introduce you to other students, and get you comfortable with university life.

ELP is split into two streams so you can either focus on growing your leadership skills, or you can focus on meeting people and getting familiar with the university. This program is a great way to discover your potential and get connected with a community of other first-year students. Registration for the program ends Sept. 16 so apply today!

In your second year, you may want to get more involved in the campus and wider community. You should join the Sophomore Leadership Program (SLP), which will help you improve your leadership skills and they’ll also pair your with a mentor who can help set a foundation for your career. Registration for the program ends Sept. 16 so apply today!

If you want to have a say in shaping the student experience, the Student Advisory Council is the way to go. The council is made up of 16 upper-year undergraduate students who meet monthly to share their insights and experience at the university. Your opinions matter, and providing them helps improve and enhance UCalgary’s student experience.

In addition to the degree(s) you earn, UCalgary students also graduate with a co-curricular record (CCR). The CCR is an official document that recognizes volunteer and extra-curricular activities you participate in on campus, and it can shown to future employers to them see all the great experience you gained at university outside of the classroom. Keep an eye out for all of the volunteer experiences you can participate in at UCalgary, and be sure to add any relevant positions to your CCR.