May 31, 2019

The Graduate College seeks new members and head of college

Applications close June 14 for new round of grad student and postdoctoral fellow positions across all faculties and disciplines
The Graduate College is seeking new grad students and postdocs for 2019-2020. Photo courtesy the Graduate College
The Graduate College is seeking new grad students and postdocs for 2019-2020. Photo courtesy the Gra

The Graduate College at the University of Calgary is looking forward to big things in 2019.

This year, the college secured its status as an autonomous unit on the University of Calgary campus after a four-year pilot project. With this exciting new status, the college is on the hunt for new members, and for its first head of college.

What is the college?

The college consists of 64 graduate students, degree-holding professional students, and postdoctoral scholars, with representation from all faculties. Originally created with the vision to connect, enrich, and energize the various communities it serves, the college is largely student-led, with guidance from a head of college, senior University of Calgary faculty and the broader Calgary community.

The college encourages graduate student scholars to share their time, interest, and research broadly by creating and fostering connections across the campus and in the community.

Looking back on our success

2019 marks the end of another successful year for the college, where scholars contributed their time and energy to initiatives and events like Interlock 2.0, its fourth annual interdisciplinary conference; multiple mental health training and engagement opportunities; a speaker series event on Community Leadership and Volunteerism for the 21st Century; numerous documentary and discussion screenings; the creation of Community Drinks, a gathering for researchers and professionals passionate about sustainability, climate action, and the environment; and community-centred volunteer opportunities such as BeakerheadInn from the Cold, and Stephen’s Backpacks.

College membership

College scholars are passionate individuals eager to engage in interdisciplinary collaboration and leadership development, and give back to their communities in powerful ways. College scholars are also encouraged to create and host new, diverse, and unique programs and opportunities benefitting the communities they serve.

With a number of scholars moving on this year, she college is seeking new members from across all faculties and disciplines. Students should submit applications on or before June 14, 2019.

Wanted: inaugural head of college

The college is also seeking a head of college to provide leadership to its senior and graduate scholar communities, supervise college staff, and provide oversight and support of College programming. This is a unique opportunity for a faculty member to guide the newly-minted College through its formative time as a new unit on campus.

“Leading the college is a special opportunity for a faculty member who is ready to explore new ideas and work with college members to expand the horizons of the graduate student experience here at the University of Calgary,” says Robin Yates, interim vice-provost and dean, graduate studies. “The head of college will have a crucial role in providing continuity and driving creativity in the growth of college programming over the coming years. We hope to find someone with a mix of energy and passion for graduate student life and community outreach, along with experience in interdisciplinary research.”

The head of college position is a 0.5 FTE position in the form of a 50 per cent secondment to the Graduate College. Faculty interested in becoming the new head of the hollege should review the job posting and submit their applications here. Consideration of candidates will begin on June 21, 2019.