April 29, 2018

Faculty of Nursing first nursing school in Canada to get new high-fidelity simulators

Ultra-realistic human manikins and holographic lens for augmented reality will help student nurses practise clinical skills to ensure patient safety

Todays’ complex health-care environments demand registered nurses quickly assess patient situations and make astute, sometimes split-second clinical care decisions. Simulated learning can help build confidence when those real-life circumstances occur and the Faculty of Nursing’s Clinical Simulation Learning Centre (CSLC) offers experiential experiences for almost 800 nursing students each year.

Now, the technology is coming closer to the reality and guests at a CSLC open house on April 23 and 24 got to see what a difference that will make to the next generation of nurses.

More than 100 guests toured the new sim showcase space, listened to auscultation of heart and lung sounds, experienced a birth using holographic lens technology and practiced CPR on manikins. They even got to touch and feel the most sophisticated synthetic human tissues and body parts on the market to date.

All of the clinical lab facilities in the space are being redesigned to enable both instructors and students to deploy high fidelity simulators and hand-held tablets, mobilizing technologies beyond the walls of the simulation suites.

Simulation experiences are integrated in each semester of the undergraduate curriculum. Daily drop-in labs are available for students to practice their skills alongside experienced nursing instructors. In addition, drop-in labs for case-based simulation learning activities build confidence and competence among learners working together from across different years and levels of the undergraduate program.