Emma Sypes successfully defends her Master's Thesis

Congratulations to Ms. Emma Sypes on successfully defending her Master's Thesis. Emma studies focused around understanding the public's role in reducing low-value care. Her supervisors included Dr. Daniel Niven and Dr. Thomas Stelfox.

We asked Emma to describe her graduate studies: 

"Throughout my graduate studies I conducted two knowledge synthesis studies with the aim of understanding the public’s role in reducing low-value care. First, I conducted a scoping review to map the literature about public involvement in reducing low-value care, identify strategies for engaging the public, and highlight areas that require further research. I had the opportunity to deliver a poster presentation of the protocol for this study at the Canadian Frailty Network’s National Conference on Frailty (September 2018). I presented the findings from this study at the Choosing Wisely Canada National Meeting (May 2019) and at the Alberta Society of Intensive Care Physician’s Annual Meeting (January 2019) where I was awarded first prize in the Trainee Research Competition. The second study I conducted was a systematic review and meta-analysis to estimate the impact of patient-targeted de-adoption interventions. I presented the findings from this study at the University of Calgary’s Department of Critical Care Medicine Research Day (May 2019). The manuscripts for both of these studies have been submitted for publication and are under peer review. Collectively, the findings from these two studies provide clinicians, researchers, and policymakers with strategies for engaging the public in future initiatives to reduce low-value care."

Thank you Emma for working with our network over the past few years!