Aug. 7, 2019

Deborah Yedlin, champion of education and ambassador for the community celebrates one year on campus

Getting to know the University of Calgary’s 14th chancellor

Growing up as the daughter of immigrants taught Deborah Yedlin many things, including the importance of education and its incredible ability to help rebuild life in a new country.

With both parents as educators and a brother who is currently a professor at the University of British Columbia, Yedlin has always held close ties to the world of academia, making her role as the University of Calgary’s 14th chancellor a natural fit.

Though Yedlin is right at home in an academic setting, her journey here was certainly not linear she moved from investment banking on Wall Street to journalism in Calgary before taking on her role as chancellor.

Deborah Yedlin shares a sneak peek of her journey to UCalgary.

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Just over one year ago, Yedlin was selected and installed for a four-year term. Since then, she has hit the ground running as an ambassador for UCalgary, attending 415 events in her first year, including numerous major announcements such as the university’s acquisition of University Research Park, W. A. Ranches and the Glenbow Archives. Yedlin also had the honour of conferring an honorary degree to the Aga Khan last fall and participating in the search process and installation of the university’s new president, Dr. Ed McCauley.

“My goal as a business columnist was to translate the complex business world into a language that everyone could understand, and I felt I could do the same thing as chancellor. Through translating the academic world to the community, I have an opportunity to broaden support and understanding of the university and its importance to Calgary and the province,” Yedlin says.

“I am really enjoying being associated with the academic world, interacting with faculty members across campus and disciplines. It is anything but static, and there is so much fascinating work that is going on at the university.”

Learn more about Deborah Yedlin in this short video.