June 6, 2024

Critical water supply alert

Message to the UCalgary campus community

On Thursday, June 6, 2024, the City of Calgary reported a water main break along 16th Avenue N.W. that has impacted the city’s water supply. Supply levels have reached a critical state, affecting the city’s ability to provide water to communities and ensure adequate water supply is available to support emergency fire suppression.

Everyone must conserve water until further notice.  

The University of Calgary will be complying with these important instructions. They include mandatory outdoor water restrictions like watering plants and lawns, washing outdoor surfaces or water used for construction purposes. There are also requests limiting indoor water use including delaying using dishwashers and laundry, limiting showers and keeping baths shallow, turning off humidifiers and ice machines.  

Businesses using water for life sustaining purposes for people, animals and plants are exempt. Organizations that must use water to meet health code standards such as hospitals and restaurants are also exempt.

Water use on campus

The University of Calgary will be complying with current water restrictions until further notice.

- The University will support water use for essential functions only. 

- Those living in residence should follow the instructions related to showering, laundry and dishes.

- Showers in Kinesiology will be unavailable at this time.  

- Researchers who use water for experiments, to maintain or clean equipment, or to grow plants for research purposes are asked to defer water-intensive activities immediately and contact their supervisor for guidance.

- Given the Cumming School of Medicine’s (CSM) unique dependence on the Foothills Medical Centre for its water supply, the CSM and Veterinary Medicine research community may be subject to additional restrictions to support the continuity of health-care services across the Foothills campus.  

- Food services and caretaking teams are asked to wait for instructions on how limited water use will impact your work. 

We thank you for your assistance as we comply with the City of Calgary’s critical water supply alert. UCalgary will update you when the situation has resolved.