March 8, 2021

Course registration tips for incoming students

Congratulations on accepting your offer of admission to the University of Calgary! We wanted to answer some common questions regarding course registration, as well as share some tips on enrolling into your classes for the very first time!
Course registration

What is an enrolment appointment?

Each student will be given a designated date and time where they can begin enrolling into courses. This is to ensure a smooth course registration process for every student. Once your enrolment appointment starts, you can still enroll in classes right up until the deadline to add/drop a class.

What does “Initialize Registration” mean?

Under the “Home” tab in your My UCalgary student centre, scroll down and click “Initialize Registration”. You will then be prompted to fill out some information. As an incoming first-year student, this is a step you must complete before you can register for a course. The how-to guide on initializing your account is available here.

How do I know which classes to take?

The University of Calgary has a “New Student Registration Handbook” which contains lots of useful information geared towards high school students or anyone who is new to the University of Calgary system. You can access this handbook here.

As a first-year student, you are only permitted to register in 200-level courses. It is also important to know which courses are required for your specific program. In addition to required courses, you may have the opportunity to complete a number of option courses (these vary depending on your faculty). We often encourage students to check out the First Year Degree Guide to help you decide which options would be a good fit for your program and interests!

How does a waitlist work?

If a course is full, you may be able to join a waitlist and wait for a seat to open in the course (if this functionality is enabled*). If a student drops the class, that seat will automatically be filled by the next student on the waitlist. Before adding yourself to a waitlist, we strongly recommend that you review the prerequisites and restrictions for the course. Details on prerequisites and restrictions available in your New Student Registration Handbook.

*Note: waitlists aren’t enabled for every class. Being on the waitlist does not guarantee a spot in the course! It’s always good to have a back-up plan in case you do not get into your waitlisted course.

What if I still need more help?

Starting in May, the University of Calgary offers advising specifically for new student registration assistance (NSRA). NRSA can help you learn how to use the schedule builder tool effectively, how to load your shopping cart and how to navigate the registration system! If you are interested in booking an appointment with NRSA, you can do so here!

In April, Enrolment Services and the Student Success Centre will be hosting course registration demonstrations to walk through the process from end to end.  By attending the session, you will be able to confidently search for classes, build a class schedule, load your shopping cart, validate your shopping cart and troubleshoot any errors. Click here to view the offerings for registration webinars.