March 30, 2022

Come see innovative, experimental new creative works from School of Creative and Performing Arts students — in person

2022 Alchemy Festival of Student Work, now until April 9, showcases music, drama, dance, and interdisciplinary performance
ALCHEMY festival of student works - 2022
Jarett Sitter

The 2022 Alchemy Festival of student work runs from Monday, March 28 to April 9 at the School of Creative and Performing Arts at the University of Calgary. Over 13 days, the SCPA will present 18 live events showcasing music, drama, dance, and interdisciplinary performance.

"It’s wonderful to be back with face-to-face engagement," says Bruce Barton, director of the SCPA. "To be offering live performance again is both strange and wonderful — an experience that feels both familiar and unfamiliar."

The Alchemy Festival was last presented as a series of live events in 2019. Re-emergence runs as a common thread throughout the festival.

Cowzilla: Rise of MechaCow by Joseph McManus.

Richard Olver

"Though few of the students’ pieces directly address the pandemic," says Barton, "in many ways, it provides the context and atmosphere for the work." The festival is jam-packed with innovative and experimental new creative works.

The energy in the air is like letting the pressure off of a pot that's been boiling too long.

The Alchemy Festival invites everyone — both on-campus and off — to return alongside us and to celebrate the re-opening of our doors to the public. If you have missed live performance, the Alchemy Festival is the ideal place to engage with the next generation of dancers, musicians, and performance artists.

For a full list of events, see the Alchemy festival of student works website.