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Attend Camp LEAD for weekend away with your UCalgary peers

Escape from the city this September for three days and two nights of fun activities, workshops and more. Transport, lodging and food are included in the $110 registration fee.

For many Canadian young people, summer camp or sleep-away camp was their first trip away from their parents and an opportunity to meet, hang-out and make new friends with kids their own age.

At Camp LEAD, that basic principle has been extended to adults. The program operates with the guiding question: what benefits would UCalgary students experience if they had the chance to spend the weekend sleeping in a cabin, making s’mores around a campfire and playing games together? Additionally, what if students could put aside the responsibilities of school, escape their busy city life and experience the beauty of nature? What positive effects could that have in their lives?

The answer to these questions lies in decade of student feedback: longstanding friendships began here, it was a chance to learn about other cultures and perspectives, and finally, it was a safe and easy way for students from all over to experience the Canadian landscape

As thousands of tourists each year can tell you, it’s the environment, plants and wildlife of the foothills and Rocky Mountains that make the southern Alberta experience a unique one. If you’re new to the province, new to the country or even new to camping and outdoor adventure, why not give it a try?

Students create a pyramid of people

Camp LEAD is sleep-away camp for adults. It’s a chance for UCalgary students to connect with one another over a number of fun activities, including horseback riding, hiking, archery, an obstacle course, canoeing, campfires and more -- and that's only the outdoor component of the program!

At Camp LEAD, you’ll have the chance to think about what you want your university experience to look like, what’s most important to you, and possible directions for your time at UCalgary and beyond. Through exercises and team work, students leave these sessions with a greater sense of who they are and who they want to become. Through exercises and team work, students leave these sessions with a greater sense of who they are and who they want to become. 

This year's event takes place on Sept. 23 and 24 at Alberta Pioneer Lodge in Sundre, Alberta. The registration fee for the program is $110, and covers the cost of student transportation to from the university, food, lodging and activities. For those who are unable to pay the registration fee, alternative funding options are also available - learn more at this link. If this applies to you, please indicate why you should be considered in the last question on the form.

In order to register, follow the instructions below.