Aug. 16, 2018

Answering Calgary’s call for more software engineers

Dean Bill Rosehart reflects on launch of new master’s program
Bill Rosehart

Demand for software engineers is growing – exponentially. And the University of Calgary is poised to help meet local demands for tech talent with a new one-year master of software engineering designed specifically for engineers with – or without – previous software backgrounds.

All industries, from farming to city planning to oil and gas, are relying on software-engineering based technology to increase efficiency and innovation. We simply don’t have enough local software engineers to meet the needs of our community. That’s why this fall the Schulich School of Engineering is launching a new Master of Engineering (MEng) in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a focus on software engineering.

The new full-time, course-based program is designed for engineering graduates who want to harness a high-tech future. Our master of software engineering offers a unique pathway for engineers in non-software fields. Through a 12-week customized boot camp we support students in building their basic software engineering and programming skills before moving them into our advanced-level training program.

Students with software experience can finish the 10-course MEng in as little as eight months. Those transferring from other engineering disciplines can complete the degree in 12 months. This is a full-time, classroom-based program designed to help retrain engineers for an exciting new career.

Graduates will develop skills to build complex software systems, develop software and harness data for employers across all industries. Find out more about our new program here.

The world is on the verge of a digital revolution that will transform how we work, live and play. It is our responsibility to continue to prepare students for jobs that don’t exist yet. This one-year master’s degree in software engineering will provide engineers with expertise, experience and insight to help them succeed as entrepreneurs and leaders in that digital future.

Bill Rosehart, P.Eng, PhD
Dean of the Schulich School of Engineering