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Exercise centre for cancer patients opens on campus

Submitted by tdroden on Wed, 2011-09-21 10:54.

Sept. 12, 2011

The University of Calgary will be unveiling the new “Thrive” Centre in the Faculty of Kinesiology on Tuesday, September 13, 2011. The Thrive Centre was created for cancer patients and survivors by Kinesiology researcher Nicole Culos-Reed, PhD.

In a news release, Culos-Reed says, “The research is fairly compelling. Exercise is one of the most important things a cancer patient or survivor can do – emotionally and physically – to regain and to keep their health in the future.”

Reporters are invited to tour the centre, discuss cancer and exercise research with Nicole Culos-Reed and interview cancer survivors who use the Thrive Centre as part of their personal wellness plan.

Interview and Photo Opportunity:

Who: Nicole Culos-Reed, PhD, Kinesiology researcher who studies the benefits of exercise for cancer survivors and patients patients Doug McIlwrick and Debra Dolsky who use the Centre regularly and University of Calgary, Kinesiology undergraduates who volunteer as personal trainers for the Centre.

What: Media tour of Thrive Centre to promote the opening of The Centre is open for cancer survivors and patient’s use.

Where: The Thrive Centre is located in the Faculty of Kinesiology, inside the Outdoor Centre. (see attached map.)

When: Wednesday September 13, 10:00–12:30pm


To make for a better event we are scheduling interview times, please contact:
Don McSwiney, Director of Communications
Faculty of Kinesiology
Phone: 403.220.7652; cell 403.852.7652