University of Calgary

Public Art Unveiling at the University of Calgary

The Taylor Family Digital Library home to dynamic new art on campus

Nov. 28, 2013

Walking through the main doors of the Taylor Family Digital Library will never be the same thanks to an intriguing new art installation being unveiled Thursday that changes as the viewer moves.

Commissioned by Libraries and Cultural Resources, Measures of Time is a suite of large lenticular photographs that create the illusion of motion through layers of fixed, compressed images. Move, and the image looks to be moving. Stop, and the image halts as if the viewer has stopped time.

Each of the four photographs in the work reminds viewers of how time passes in different ways, from the change of centuries to the course of a year, the cycle of a month, or the passing of a single day.

"I am particularly interested in how a lenticular image connects time and space through motion. It creates an awareness of the present, the now ... this art project reflects on the significance of time within the context of our daily lives," says Canmore artist Dan Hudson, creator of Measures of Time.

Measures of Time is the newest work of public art at the University of Calgary. It will change the experience of moving through the Taylor Family Digital Library, one of the busiest buildings at the university for students, faculty, researchers and visitors to campus, says Thomas Hickerson, vice provost of Libraries and Cultural Resources.

"This will be a real focus, a work of art that people will come to see," says Hickerson. "It will be one more reason why the Taylor Family Digital Library experience is so central to the community."

The commission of the art work was made possible by an Art Spaces Initiative grant awarded to support the construction costs of the Nickle Galleries within the Taylor Family Digital Library. The source of funding for the grant was provincial, and administered by The City of Calgary, with support from The Public Art Program, as 1 per cent was designated through the percent for art policy.

WHAT:     Public Art Unveiling                                              
WHEN:     5:00 - 8:00 pm, Thursday, November 28, 2013                       
WHERE:    Main Floor, Taylor Family Digital Library, 410 University Court NW
WHO:      Dan Hudson, artist                                                
          Thomas Hickerson, Vice-Provost (Libraries and Cultural Resources)