University of Calgary

Uncovering the enigma of space weather

The University of Calgary research team who recently saw their instruments launched into space as part of the CASSIOPE satellite mission will share the latest developments in the research mission. The project's technical lead Greg Enno and his crew are now based at the Rothney Astrophysical Observatory (RAO) to collect valuable data on space weather and space storms.

On November 9, Enno will be talking about the enigma of space weather as part of an open house event that will also feature access to an array of telescopes operated by University of Calgary astronomers and members of the Royal Astronomical Society. Attendees will have the opportunity to look through the telescopes to witness the eternal chase with Taurus fleeing from Orion the hunter in the eastern sky, letting us know that winter is on its way. Astronomers will be on hand to answer questions.

The evening will kick off with a presentation. The annual family fun night will also include games, puzzles and prizes.

What:     RAO Public Late Night Observing: Presentation and viewing through
          RAO telescopes                                                    
Who:      Greg Enno, University of Calgary, technical lead for CASSIOPE     
Where:    Rothney Astrophysical Observatory, on the east side of Highway 22,
          2.4 km south of the Hwy 22 and Hwy 22x interchange                
When:     Saturday November 9 (8 p.m. and 11 p.m.)                          
Cost:     $20 per car or $10 per person, with all proceeds to the Rothney   
          Astrophysical Observatory educational programming.