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Impact of US debt crisis on Canada

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The looming U.S. debt crisis and its impact on Canada

July 19, 2011

The financial situation in the United States has become increasingly bleak, with many wondering if the world’s largest economy can avoid a debt crisis with dire financial implications.

Professor Jack Mintz, Director of The School of Public Policy, will describe just how grim the picture looks for the U.S., how Canada may be affected and suggest policy reforms that need to be enacted in the U.S. to avert a crisis. Mintz will be presenting the findings of a study authored by Stephen Richardson, Executive Fellow at The School of Public Policy and former Associate Deputy Finance Minister.

WHAT: Jack Mintz News Conference
WHEN: 12:00 noon Mountain time, Thursday, July 21, 2011
WHERE: The School of Public Policy
906 8th Ave. S.W., 5th Floor

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Morten Paulsen
Phone: 403-399-3377