University of Calgary

Intergalactic space open house

February 21, 2014

The Rothney Astrophysical Observatory (RAO) will host a keynote presentation by Jeroen Stil, assistant professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Calgary, as he discusses what lies in the vast areas of space between galaxies. These areas could be described as the closest thing to a vacuum. Learn more about this largest unknown aspect of our universe.

The open house event will also feature access to an array of telescopes operated by University of Calgary astronomers and members of the Royal Astronomical Society. Attendees will have the opportunity to look through the telescopes to observe a dark sky with a new moon phase and perfect viewing conditions for observing Jupiter and Orion. In the sky, attendees will also have the opportunity to look south at the bright Sirius star, the brightest star in the constellation Canis Major. Astronomers will be on hand to answer questions.

The evening will kick off with a presentation on what's up in the sky.

What:     RAO Public Late Night Observing: Presentation and viewing through
          RAO telescopes                                                    
Who:      Jeroen Stil, assistant professor, Department of Physics and       
          Astronomy, University of Calgary                                  
Where:    RAO, located on the east side of Highway 22, 2.4 km south of the  
          Hwy 22 and Hwy 22x interchange. For more information visit:       
When:     Saturday, March 1 (8 - 11 p.m.)                                   
Cost:     $20 per car or $10 per person, all proceeds to the Rothney        
          Astrophysical Observatory educational programming.