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Biological cure for the oil sands

Dec. 20, 2011

A research project underway by biologists at the University of Calgary and engineers at the University of Alberta to help clean up water from oil sands production is making rapid progress. A proof of principle is in place and researchers from the University of Calgary have published a paper on the first round of results.

Oil sands development uses a vast amount of water and even though it's recycled multiple times, the recycling concentrates the toxins and metals leftover from extracting and upgrading the bitumen, resulting in tailings ponds that are both a lightening rod for controversy and a significant risk to the environment.

The researchers would like to develop a tailings water treatment plant for all the oil sands operations.

What: New research into cleaning the oilsands.

When: Wed., Dec. 21, between 10 am and noon. Please book a time through Leanne.

Where: University of Calgary, Biological Sciences, room 440, south side of the building, turn left out of elevators, turn left at first corridors through glass doors then double doors, about 20 m down the hall on the right.

Who:.Dr. Raymond Turner, professor, and Susanne Golder, researcher

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