Where's Ernesto?

Our surprisingly stealthy sloth is making its way through our programs!

Help us track Ernesto through the clues embedded in some of our Program Pages!

We've got to find that sloth!

Our favorite sloth (and unofficial mascot) Ernesto has gone on a virtual adventure and he wants YOU to come along too!

Ernesto is virtually traveling the world and visiting several of our partners along the way.

He's leaving behind clues within our program pages so you can track his journey all Go Global Month.

At the end of the month, if you have a correct list of the five partners he visited, you can enter into a draw for a prize pack from UCalgary International Study Abroad!

ENTRY FORM will be made available on the program page of his final destination!

Entry deadline has been extended to October 19, 2020

Ernesto Plane

How to participate

1. Starting September 11th Ernesto will begin leaving a clue for each week for the five weeks of Go Global Month 2020 on one of our over 200 Program pages.

2. Each of these clues will be embedded on a program page and will point the way to the next clue for the following week. The new clues / answers will be posted to the website every Monday morning of Go Global Month. (September 14, 21, 28 & October 5, 12)

3. To enter in the contest simply track Ernesto's path through our programs, remember to take notes you will need all five answers and in the proper order. (Here's a hint: The programs align with the regions to be highlighted in the weeks of Go Global Month 2020)

5. After the final answer is posted on October 12th you will be able to submit your entry through an entry form to be posted on this page.  Those with all five correct answers will be placed in a draw for a prize package courtesy of UC International Study Abroad. (One entry per UCalgary Email Address)

6. Deadline for Entry is October 16, 2020 @11:59PM MT