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UCalgary Global Online Internships

UCalgary Global Online: UGo Internships!

Virtual internship opportunities for UCalgary students

What is a virtual internship?

The UGo Internship program allows UCalgary students to participate in virtual internship opportunities offered by partner organizations around the world. Instead of physically travelling to your internship destination, as a virtual intern, you will receive remote mentorship from your internship supervisors and fully participate in regular work/activities using online platforms. (As long as UCalgary travel restrictions remain in place, travel is not permitted.) 

You will also become a member of UCalgary's Global Online cohort, engaging not only with other UCalgary students participating in UGo programs but also international students from partner universities "attending" UCalgary on their own virtual programs. 

How do I apply?

Please check the program page before applying and ensure that you meet all eligibility and application requirements. There are different application expectations for each internship opportunity, so ensure that you are following all application guidelines set out on the program page. You can then fill out the online application for your desired program.

In the "Course List" section of the online application, please indicate that you are applying for a virtual internship. Please also email the Study Abroad advisors so that we know to expect your application!

UGo Internships


Fall application deadline: August 10

Aga Khan Virtual Internship Program

The Aga Khan Development Network offers internship placements in a diverse set of thematic areas (health, education, civil society, pluralism, climate change, culture, communications etc.) with partners across 30 countries. Virtual internship dates are Sept 15 - Dec 10. 2021.

Shanghai China

Fall applications now open!

CRCC Asia Internships

Virtual CRCC internships can be for 1-3 months long. It includes an internship placement, business skill training, career advising, and language lessons. Applications must be in at least 2 months before the preferred start date.

Washington DC

Winter 2022 deadline: Sept 30

The Washington Center Internship Program

The virtual TWC internship runs for the full semester. It includes an internship placement, 1 course (for credit), and unique Career Readiness events & personal advising.

Are you interested in doing a virtual internship?

View program page

The program page provides more details about your prospective internship program, including important information such as available internship fields, program dates, and eligibility criteria.

Contact the Study Abroad advisor

Please contact study.abroad@ucalgary.ca (or the specific advisor, which you can find listed on each program page) to let us know that you are interested in applying. Space may be limited on some programs, so it is best to reach out early!

Submit your online application

When filling out your online application, please include in the "Course List" section that you are applying for a virtual internship. This will help us properly evaluate your application. 

Please refer to the program page for any unique application instructions.

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