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UCalgary Global Online: UGo Exchange!

Virtual exchange opportunities for UCalgary students

The UGo Exchange program allows UCalgary students to study online at partner universities around the world. As a virtual exchange student, you will be able to choose from your host university's selection of online courses, participate in virtual events, and remotely interact with the local community.

You will also become a member of UCalgary's Global Online cohort, engaging with other UCalgary students attending UGo programs as well as international students from partner universities attending UCalgary on their own virtual programs. This cohort is invited to a range of events hosted by UCalgary such as intercultural competency training, professional development, and social opportunities. You can receive co-curricular credit for participation in the UGo cohort. 

The main difference is that virtual exchanges do not include physical travel to another country. There will still be opportunities for you to connect with local students & professors at your host university and engage in the local culture through online platforms. 

You will not have to pay for travel insurance, student visas, or any other travel-related expenses. As a virtual exchange student, the only cost is your tuition, which will be paid to UCalgary at your normal tuition rate. You will remain eligible for all of your usual awards & scholarships, and may also qualify for the UGo Virtual Global Learning Grant

Virtual exchanges are only available through select UCalgary partner universities who offer this unique opportunity. The universities currently available are listed below; this list changes each semester. 

It is also possible to do 2 or more virtual exchanges simultaneously, "mixing and matching" courses from multiple universities!

Please check the program page before applying and ensure that you meet all eligibility and application requirements. You can then fill out the online application for your desired program. 

In the "Course List" section of the application, please indicate whether you are seeking individual courses or a full semester courseload. Some universities may already publish a listing of their offered online courses, while others may not announce which courses they will offer until closer to the start of the semester. We encourage having some flexibility or back-up courses in mind.

Note: Reference letters are not required to apply for UGo exchange programs.

UGo Exchange Programs for Summer 2022

Tokyo Tower

Deadline Passed

Senshu Online Program

Senshu university is offering their J2(lower intermediate) and J3 (intermediate) level courses online this summer. The course is offered via Google Meet Mon-Fri from 9am-12:50pm Japan time (6pm- 9:50pm Sun-Thurs Mountain time). The program runs from June 28-July 28, 2022


Deadline: May 26

Fudan Summer School

Students can receive up to 6 credits on the Fudan summer program, choosing from 20 courses offered online. North American passport holders can apply for a scholarship that waives the application and tuition fees! The program runs July 4-29, 2022.

Nagasaki Peace park

Deadline: July 10

Nagasaki Summer School

Take Japanese language & culture this summer - choose from 5 levels on offer ranging from introductory 1 to N2 and get 1 course of transfer credit. August 1-12, 2022

UGo Exchange Programs for Fall 2022/Winter 2023

NIH campus jumping sculpture

Deadline: June 8 (Fall 2022), November 8 (Winter 2023)

Norwegian School of Sport Sciences

Jump into action at one of the top Kines research universities in northern Europe! Unique sport science topics include sustainability, development, and anti-doping. Students can take 1-3 courses in either Fall or Winter semester. These courses have been pre-assessed at UCalgary and will transfer to your degree as senior KNES credit.

Newcastle beach

Deadline: TBD

University of Newcastle, Australia

Newcastle's Take1 program lets international students take 1 online course plus cultural immersion activities! Choose from a range of Arts & Science courses or try something unique like Australian Indigenous studies, marine science, or criminology. Application processes are still being finalized; details will be shared here once available.

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More coming soon...

Check back for updates on new UGo Exchange opportunities!

Are you interested in doing a virtual exchange program?

View program page

The program page provides more details about your prospective host university, including important information such as available course subjects, language of instruction, and eligibility criteria.

Once on the program page, you can find UGo-specific information in the "Program details" drop-down menu, either as a separate menu item or embedded within the existing academic information section.

Talk to your academic advisor

Just like a normal exchange program, you should always check with your UCalgary academic advisor before applying. They can help you understand the parameters of your degree requirements and what types of courses you can get credit for abroad. They may not be able to confirm your exact transfer credit for the UGo Exchange program right away, but they can still review your desired courses with you and confirm that they are appropriate for your degree.

Find your advisor

Submit your online application

After you log into the online application system, use the "Study Programs" tab to search for the program you want to apply for. Please enter the name of the university in the "program name" search field; you do not need to fill out any of the other fields.

You will be prompted to fill out a "Statement of Purpose" (i.e. the reason why you're applying) and a "Course List" (i.e. your desired courses). In the "Course List" section, please indicate whether you are seeking to take courses in combination with your regular UCalgary semester courses, or a full semester courseload online from the exchange university. 

Apply now!