Questions to Consider

You might be able to answer some of the questions below yourself, however, talking to other instructors, departments staff, students, and the Group Study team may also be helpful.

  • Where will the program take place? 
  • Are there any risks associated with travel there?
  • How long will it be?
  • What time of year will it run?
  • Which courses will be offered?
  • How do they differ from those you teach on campus?
  • Are they major requirements or options?
  • How many students on campus would be eligible? 
  • What students on campus are you looking to recruit?
  • Will other field schools running at the same time be recruiting from the same student pool? 
  • What would your exclusion criteria be for applicants?
  • How affordable is the program for students?
  • Will you need a Teaching Assistant?
  • Will you have other in field contacts or support?
  • Are there any special requirements or equipment needed by students to participate?
  • How will you use your environment to the fullest to enhance your students' learning?
  • What are other possible obstacles to student participation?
  • How will this course differ from those you teach on campus?