Alberto Nettel-Aguirre

Monique de St. Croix BA, BEd

Alberto Nettel-Aguirre

Alberto Nettel-Aguirre collaborates with the ICRP and has consulted on various projects within it. He has a BSc in Applied Mathematics, MSc in Statistics (99) and PhD Statistics (2005) from the University of Calgary. Currently he is working with the ICRP on the Implementation of the MNCY Clinical Pathway for Acute Care of Pediatric Concussion: Uptake, Outcomes, and Health Care Impacts project. In addition to his ICRP related work he works on the CHILDNEPH project, Transition from paediatric care to adult care project, Trends In Oxygen Saturation In Healthy Term Infants In The First Few Days Of Life: The "TOST" Study, Impact of School closure on children's networks, among others. He is an accredted Professional Statistician "PStat" of the Statistical Society of Canada.


Publications: PubMed

Notable concussion related publications: 

Concussion Burden, Recovery, and Risk Factors in Elite Youth Ice Hockey Players.

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PMID:    30300143


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