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As we pass through the various stages of the COVID-19 pandemic here and worldwide, we in Health Humanities hope you are all well, and able to care for patients, family, friends - and yourselves.

Some of our formal activities will shift between or across in-person and virtual platforms.  Stay tuned and take care.

Calgary Health Humanities Symposium

Friday and Saturday September 24 & 25

See details regarding the program and registration here


Writing and Visual Arts Competitions 2021 now open

For details of the writing competition, click here

For details of the visual arts competition, click here


Deadline for both: September 3


Next seminar series to be announced after the summer of 2021.

New Book Club focused on Palliative Care

Dedicated to books that make us reflect deeply on the human condition.

Our goal is to create a safe, open space for everyone to reconnect with the patient perspective, as well as to reflect on our own thoughts and feelings.

Welcome learners and practitioners from departments of:

  • Healthcare
  • Arts, Literature and Humanities

Inaugural meeting to be held soon.  More details here.

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  • Opportunities for teaching and professional development
  • Promoting your own interests in the intersection of the arts, humanities and health.
  • Discovering colleagues with shared interests and nurturing relationships.

Contact us

Tom Rosenal   Director, Arts & Humanities in Healthcare & Medicine


Tinu Ruparell  Co-chair, Health Humanities Committee

Our Vision

The Calgary Community of Practice in Health Humanities is committed to advancing an interdisciplinary, reciprocal collaboration between health and humanities disciplines to promote a deeper understanding of the human condition to best support humane care.

 Medicine must become more humane, more infused with the spirit of liberal studies, and more willing to address itself to the metaphysical dichotomy between the arts and the sciences.   Edmund D. Pellegrino