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Bold directions for learning at UCalgary

Our bold vision for experiential learning

By 2025, experiential learning will be a cornerstone of the UCalgary student experience.

The Schulich Engineering Students’ Society hosted the 2016 Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES) conference. The theme was "innovation." During the design competition, students built bridges with Popsicle sticks.

Students participate in a design competition with the Schulich Engineering Students' Society.

Second-year Faculty of Veterinary Medicine students participate in an accident-simulation course involving a girl thrown from her horse.

Second-year Faculty of Veterinary Medicine students participate in an accident-simulation course involving a girl thrown from her horse.

Our priorities

Expand capacity and reduce barriers



Increase student opportunities


Track and ensure high-quality experiential learning

Student Life

In the spirit of community

The UCalgary Experiential Learning Plan provides a roadmap for expanding and enhancing experiential learning, including how we promote EL to students and partners.

Making experiential learning a cornerstone of the UCalgary experience requires commitment from the entire campus community and our partners. Our collective expertise and unique strengths are indispensable to advancing experiential learning across campus. It is only through a community approach that we can reach our goals.  

Experiential Learning Advisory Committee (ELAC)

UCalgary’s advisory committee on Experiential Learning brings together leaders from across campus to guide the implementation of UCalgary’s Experiential Learning Plan. Our members include:

Name Unit
Adnan Ahmed Office of Institutional Analysis
Alexandra Alisauskas Library and Cultural Resources
Carllie Necker Student and Enrolment Services
Cheryl Dueck University of Calgary International
Erin Kaipainen Office of Experiential Learning
Erin Sutherland Office of Indigenous Engagement
Evaristus (Evar) Oshienebo Faculty of Law
Ewa Wasniewski Continuing Education
Fabian Neuhaus School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape
Fabiola Aparicio-Ting Cumming School of Medicine
Gillian Edwards Taylor Institute
Jamey (James) Heath Office of Advancement
Janet Stein Risk Management and Insurance
Jason Wiens Faculty of Arts
Jennifer Quin Student Enrolment Services
Jenny Godley Conjoint Faculties Research Ethics Board
Julie Jeffries University of Calgary Qatar
Julie Mann-Johnson Faculty of Social Work
Julien Sicard Development and Advancement Services
Kelly Hoglund Program Innovation Hub
Keri Damen Hunter Hub for Entrepreneurial Thinking/Office of the Vice-President (Research) 
Kimberley McLeod Enrolment Services
Leslie Reid Teaching and Learning
Lisa Stowe Office of Experiential Learning
Lorelli Nowell Faculty of Nursing
Naor Cohen Haskayne School of Business
Nicole Boulais-McBain UCalgary Qatar
Pamela Hinman Legal Services
Rachelle Haddock Office of Sustainability
Robert McCorkell Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Shaziah Jinnah (VP Academic)  Students' Union
Tara Christie Faculty of Graduate Studies
Trisha Henschel Schulich School of Engineering
Theodora Kapoyannis Werklund School of Education
Wendy Benoit Faculty of Science
William Bridel Faculty of Kinesiology
William Yimbo Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Vacant Career Services
Vacant Information Technologies
Vacant School of Public Policy