Life Cycle Assessment of Oil Sands Technologies

Dr. Bergerson is the Principal Investigator of a collaborative project entitled “LCA of Oil Sands Technologies (LCAOST)” with Professor Heather MacLean’s research group at the University of Toronto (U of T). The project has been successful in collecting data from the oil sands industry and generating research advances and insights relevant to the field. Project researchers work with scientists, engineers, and members of the business community to develop and refine techniques for prospective life cycle analysis. These techniques help prioritize research and development activities, by identifying technologies – or optimal combinations of technologies – that provide particularly large life cycle benefits.

During the past four years, this project has focused on developing tools and methods to assess mitigation technologies within the oil sands sector. These include cogeneration of steam and electricity, partial upgrading, water treatment technologies, and process integration opportunities, as well as the assessment of more advanced technologies such as electrothermal and electromagnetic processes.