Lauren Bell


Lauren Bell upholds the values of volunteerism, mentorship, education and philanthropy in the Calgary community.   Merging her 35 year interior design career with contributions to numerous NFP boards, Lauren has employed the skills necessary to reach and embrace communities locally and internationally.   Bell's focus on the arts is entrenched in her academic, personal and professional pursuits, although her scope extends well beyond artistic passions.

 As a National Director of Canadian Hadassah-WIZO, a women's organization focusing on education, healthcare and women's issues, she continues to be responsible for leadership development, mentorship and innovation.  Locally, Bell has had the privilege of representing the Citizens' Reference Panel on Calgary's Arts Plan at the Alberta Education curriculum prototyping redesign innovation and development strategy sessions.  One of 36 individuals that participated in the Citizens Reference Panel on Calgary's Arts Plan, Bell saw the importance of strategic planning and unification with the goal of reaching consensus amongst growing and diverse communities.  Lauren sees the potential in each and every initiative.  Thinking big and undertaking personal initiatives to expand the presence of the arts in Calgary has been an enduring focal point.  International competitions, travel and education have been proven platforms for inspiration and success.

Healthcare and personal wellbeing ride high on Lauren's list of lifelong priorities.  As a member of the Alberta Health Trust Healthy Communities Development Council, she witnessed the benefit of communication between professionals and Board leadership at a macro level.  Conversely, being a member of the Hospice Calgary Board and collaborating on their marketing and rebranding fostered an awareness of micro communities and the need for personalized healthcare.  Critical thinking and best practices in business, education and NFP governance are employed in all she undertakes.

Lauren is honoured to join the University of Calgary Senate and welcomes the opportunity to bring her skills and experience to the table as an ambassador in the greater Calgary community.