Jonah Secreti


Jonah Secreti is currently pursuing a Concurrent Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Bachelor of Education in Secondary Social Studies with the goal of becoming a teacher. He currently serves as a student-at-large Senate Representative on the University of Calgary Senate.

Studying history, Jonah has had the opportunity to learn from several renowned historians and utilize the university’s extensive archives to research a variety of topics. Jonah’s favourite area of study is military history which he has been able to learn about in several undergraduate courses, and through the archival collection of The Military Museums here in Calgary. Jonah is also an honoured recipient of the Guenter Martens Scholarship in Military History for academic excellence.

 In addition to his interest in history, Jonah has a strong interest in aquatic education, and he is able to apply this interest to his work as a swim instructor and lifeguard at the University of Calgary Aquatic Centre. Whether competing in the University of Calgary Lifeguard Games or instructing swim lessons, Jonah is always eager to combine aquatic safety with fun and engaging activities for swimmers.

Jonah enjoys contributing to the larger university community through student clubs and volunteering activities. He has contributed to student’s first and last experiences at the university as an orientation leader for first year students, and volunteering at convocation to assist graduating students. Additionally, as an executive of the undergraduate History Student’s Association, Jonah has had the pleasure of coordinating with his fellow executives to host events for students of all academic backgrounds to celebrate history.

He is excited for the opportunity to represent student interests as a student-at-large Senate Representative, and is eager to contribute to the Senate.