Jackson Cooper


Jackson Cooper was born in Banff and raised in Calgary. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Calgary’s world-renowned Geomatics Engineering Department, with a minor in Aerospace Engineering. Jackson hopes to one day use this education to develop advanced solutions in the ever-growing Space Industry.

Growing up, Jackson was fortunate to participate in multiple auxiliary opportunities and activities, such as the university-funded research program HYRS, international pitch and leadership conferences, and more. Because of this, Jackson is passionate about providing the same types of opportunities he had received to his peers, and local youth.  He accomplishes this through his role in community organizations, such as President at Project Pulse, which provides health-science related education and opportunities to high schools and students. In other roles, such as President at C.E.O Calgary, an organization excited to be enhancing the student entrepreneurial spirit in Calgary.

This year, Jackson is excited to expand the impact that he has through his role as a Student-at-Large Senator representative and is honored to work with the Senate.

Outside of his community-efforts, Jackson is also passionate about innovative technologies and how they can be used to create a sustainable, better world. Currently, he is proudly pursuing this ambition as a Co-Founder of JAMH, a startup dedicated to providing curated, accurate information so businesses and consumers can make informed decisions.

His technical expertise spans domains such as photogrammetry, quantum computing, and machine learning particularly in computer vision and natural language processing.