Christine Cao


Christine Cao is a Master’s of Science student in Electrical and Computer Engineering, working with Dr. Laleh Behjat. She currently serves as the Vice President External of the Graduate Students’ Association. Prior to graduate studies, Christine completed her Bachelor of Science in Geomatics Engineering with a specialization in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Calgary.

Christine’s current research focusing on applying optimization techniques commonly used in circuits design to create a better learning environment for undergraduate engineering students in the COVID-19 context. Her research applies an optimization lens to engineering education, hoping to enrich the learning experience for students who cannot meet in-person. Her broader research interest lies at the intersection between artificial intelligence and policy, on how the two fields can intersect to become more than the sum of its parts.

Outside of her studies, Christine was also very active in the university community. During undergrad, she Co-Chaired a national engineering competition, and pioneered a research program for first-year engineering students. As a grad student, she twice led large groups of female engineering students to attend the world’s largest conference on diversity in computing, led a year-long peer-assisted professional development program for female graduate students, and twice organized the Women in Data Science Satellite Conference at the University of Calgary. As the Vice President External at the GSA, Christine is focused on advocating for graduate student needs to the university, municipal, provincial, and federal government.

Outside of school, Christine has also worked as a software engineer, hospital clerk, teaching assistants for many courses, and researcher in Berlin. Despite that, she still enjoys grad school the most.

Her hobbies include baking, rock climbing, travelling (mainly to eat food), and playing video games until way-too-late at night.

Christine is extremely excited to represent graduate students at the Senate.