Assad Ali Bik


Assad Ali Bik, VP, Student Life

If you are ever having trouble defining what an extrovert looks like, drop by Assad’s office!

Assad moved to Canada from Afghanistan when he was seven years old. His family of seven settled in the northeast of Calgary, and Assad is proud to have been immersed in this diverse and vibrant community. Having come from a hostile environment, he appreciates the positivity and optimism that came with living in the northeast: that despite whatever odds, everyone was together and hopeful. His upbringing within this community shaped his passion and love for people.

Assad grew up playing several sports, and credits his love of sport with helping to cultivate his many friendships and forming a core part of his identity. He was the class valedictorian of 2016 at Lester B. Pearson High School, and is currently a fourth year student majoring in Philosophy. In his down time, Assad enjoys reality television shows and reruns of Wrestlemania.

As a first-generation Canadian, Assad is passionate about improving inclusivity within the university community. From his first day at Orientation Week, Assad knew he wanted to create a meaningful impact on the student experience at the University of Calgary, and is hopeful that he will leave his mark.