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June 2018 Convocation

Order of the University of Calgary

Developed in 1994, the Order of the University of Calgary honours recipients who have a record of exemplary and distinguished service to the university. It is available to any current or past member of the university community, including current or former faculty, staff, alumni and volunteers.

Nominations can be submitted anytime during the year. 

Senate Committees

Senate Executive Committee

Community Engagement Committee

Honours Committee

Recruitment and Membership Committee

  1. How is Senate made up?

    The Senate is comprised of 62 members as identified in the Post-Secondary Learning Act, including representatives of the general public, alumni, students and several groups of educators and academics employed by the University.

    The chancellor chairs the Senate and the president is the vice-chancellor. In addition to Senators, the Senate depends on a number of non-voting faculty representatives who assist communications with various faculties.  Under the Act, the Senate consists of:

    • Chancellor, who chairs the Senate
    • President
    • Vice-president designated by the board
    • Chief Academic Officer for Student Affairs
    • Director of Extension, or if none, the officer performing comparable functions
    • 30 elected representative members
    • President and Vice-president of the Alumni Association
    • The following appointed members:
      • Deans, appointed by the Deans' Council,
      • Members of the Board, appointed by the University Board of Governors
      • Members of the General Faculties Council, appointed by the General Faculties Council
      • Two members of the Alumni Association, appointed by the Alumni Association
      • Two non-academic staff members, appointed by the non-academic staff association
      • Members of the Students Association, appointed by the Council of the Students Association
      • One member of the Students Graduate Association, appointed by the Council of the Association
      • Nine members of the public appointed by the Minister
  2. What is the Senate?

    The University of Calgary Senate creates a bridge between the University and the wider community. Its purpose is to represent the public interest, promote the university on local, national and international levels, influence decision makers, foster student interests and promote and recognize excellence. It achieves these objectives through its regular meetings, ongoing standing committee work, special events held throughout the year and by providing a continued and highly visible contact point for all stakeholders to communicate with the University.