Chancellor's Club

Where community, business and academic leaders come together to support extraordinary students

Being a Chancellor's Club scholar has shaped my university experience in the most profound way.

Nadine Hindemith

Chancellor's Club scholarship recipient, faculties of Science and Education

The University of Calgary Chancellor's Club is where community, business and academic leaders come together three times per year to engage in spirited conversations on compelling topics, network and meet the high-achieving students who benefit from the Club's support.

Proceeds from Chancellor's Club memberships fund the Chancellor's Club Scholarship program, supporting some of the university's most extraordinary students.

Helping extraordinary students thrive

Chancellor's Club Scholarships are among the most prestigious scholarships offered at the University of Calgary and attract some of the best and brightest students from across the province and country. Funding for these scholarships comes from the Chancellor's Club membership fees, as well as through the generous support of named donors.