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Together, we will create entrepreneurial thinkers

We are a world leader among young universities, located in Canada’s most enterprising city.

The next generation of entrepreneurs is emboldened by our energetic vision to become Canada’s entrepreneurial university – a centre of business and academic excellence that fuses ideas with action.

Our entrepreneurial and innovative spirit ignites enterprising solutions. Our graduate and undergraduate students gain a vigorous approach to problem solving that well serves communities. We enable them to become inventive, effective and conscientious planners and leaders.

The new Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning demonstrates our willingness to be in the vanguard of entrepreneurial thinking, teaching and learning. It’s a fresh approach and the first of its kind in Canada.

We are enabling thinkers to become entrepreneurs and inspiring business people to spark positive changes with lively and effective concepts.

Making history

Energize: The Campaign for Eyes High — our most ambitious fundraising campaign to date — closes in June 2020. Get ready to be a part of our history!

Entrepreneurial approach to learning

Entrepreneurial thinking will be at the forefront of teaching and student discovery at the University of Calgary thanks in part to a generous gift of $40 million by the Hunter Family Foundation.

This gift will establish the Hunter Hub for Entrepreneurial Thinking, an interdisciplinary nucleus to encourage and teach students to think courageously, identify opportunities, collaborate effectively, build partnerships, cherish diversity and embrace sustainability. It will build on work already happening at the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Haskayne School of Business, which was made possible in part by a separate gift from the Hunter Family Foundation in 2012.

early childhood education

Cynthia Prasow is among the more than 1,700 faculty, staff, emeriti and retiree “Ignitors” who philanthropically support the University of Calgary.

Riley Brandt

Championing early childhood education

Cynthia Prasow of the Werklund School of Education wanted to make things easier on students pursuing her shared passion — early childhood education — so she established a scholarship a decade ago. She continues to add to it, most recently topping it up during Giving Day 2017 while inviting friends and family to contribute to it in lieu of birthday presents.

“I told my loved ones that I didn’t need a single thing for my birthday — I just wanted them to instead contribute to this fund to benefit a second-year student who could really shine. Philanthropy has always been part of my family. My parents taught us to give to others, no matter how little we had, and my mother was a consummate volunteer.”

-- Cynthia Prasow, MEd’92, director of student experiences, Werklund School of Education



The Hunter Family on Entrepreneurial Thinking

Homegrown success inspires students

One of the university’s most notable graduates – businessman and designer Garrett Camp, BSc’01, MSc’06 – is one of its most successful entrepreneurs.

Camp is best known for Uber, the app-based on-demand car service he co-founded. He started his first startup tech company, StumbleUpon – it helps its users discover new things online based on their interests – while in graduate school.

Learn what happened when he revisited the university recently to discuss entrepreneurial success with students and community members.

Conrad Whelan

Conrad Whelan, BSc’02, MSc’05

Fuse talent with passion to achieve success

When students are empowered to harness their energy and unleash their potential, they can change the world. When they can see ideas turned into action, it fires their imaginations.

When Camp visited main campus at an event hosted by the Hunter Centre that allowed students to ask questions – along with Conrad Whelan, BSc’02, MSc’05, Uber engineering manager and fellow Schulich alumnus – well, it sparked fireworks.

What were Camp’s takeaway lessons? Fuse talent with passion for entrepreneurial success. Develop a product you want to use yourself.

Actionable ideas help to transform communities

Innovate Calgary is a full-service organization offering technology-transfer and business-incubator services to researchers, entrepreneurs and businesses within the advanced technology sector. 

It brings the university and the community together as a catalyst for positive change. Ideas are forged by passionate innovators at the university and activated with communities to empower and enhance them.

Formed in 2010 as a partnership between our University Technologies International (UTI) and Calgary Technologies Inc. (CTI), Innovate Calgary promotes progress.   

Dennis Sumara

The legacy gift that Dennis Sumara, dean of the Werklund School of Education, made with his husband, Tim Friesen, will fund human-rights education research.

Fueling human-rights research

Dennis Sumara, dean of the Werklund School of Education, is turning a lifelong passion into a gift that will make an impact for generations to come.

“As a classroom teacher and, later, a university professor, I worried about students who were made to feel they did not belong, that they did not fit in. For those students, school became an unsafe place. My legacy gift to fund human-rights education research supports my belief that university teacher-education programs play a big role in the development of leaders who learn how to make everyone feel included and valued in our schools and communities.”

Dennis Sumara, dean of the Werklund School of Education

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