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Academic SealLogo

       University of Calgary logo 
The University of Calgary official
logo, refined in 2013.

The University of Calgary logo combines the best of long-established university traditions with Calgary's bold frontier spirit of originality and innovation.Our logo is being refreshed in 2013 to reflect that spirit and to better work across all digital, print, and merchandise platforms.

The University of Calgary has had a number of wordmarks, logos and trademarks in the past. View the evolution of the University of Calgary logo. The refreshed University of Calgary logo replaces and supersedes all other institutional wordmarks, logos and trademarks, beginning on September 3, 2013.

More information on the different logo variations and detailed applications standards are available on the Visual Identity Standards page.

NOTE (June 2016): Please call 403.210.6208 for logo support until further notice. Our email and associated web forms are currently not functional. 

Coat of Arms

   Coat of Arms
The University of Calgary official
coat of arms, granted in 1966.

The Lord Lyon King of Arms at Edinburgh granted a coat of arms to the University of Calgary in 1966. The coat of arms, which is used in ceremonial applications only, consists of a shield and an escroll containing the motto. The shield consists of two parts, the upper part (the chief) separated from the lower (the base) by an arched line symbolizing the Chinook arch. The ground colour of the chief is scarlet, commemorating the North West Mounted Police under whose influence Western Canada was settled. Upon this colour is a pair of open books bound in gold. Between the books is a wild rose, symbolic of Alberta. The ground colour of the base is gold, indicative of golden sunshine or golden grain. Upon this is a black bull's head and crossed staves bearing red flags, reminiscent of the family crest of Lt. Col. J.F. Macleod, the NWMP officer who founded Fort Calgary. Below the shield, printed on an escroll, is the university's motto, "Mo shuile togam suas" (translated as "I will lift up my eyes").



Academic Seal

                 Academic Seal        


The University of Calgary
official academic seal.


The official University of Calgary academic seal is used on official documents, such as academic credentials and transcripts, as well as in the context of Convocation ceremonies. It is also used in medallion format for a small collection of high-end giftware offered through the Campus Bookstore. The academic seal graphic should not be used on promotional materials, apparel, or anything unrelated to the official academic business of the university.





University Tartan

           University of Calgary tartan
The University of Calgary tartan.

The university has an official tartan that incorporates the University of Calgary's official colours of red and gold in its design. It was designed by Jim Odell, a University of Calgary education and fine arts graduate, and accredited in a ceremony (May 4, 2001) presided over by Duncan Paisley of Westerlea, President of the Scottish Tartans Society and director of the Register of All Publicly Known Tartans. The ceremony was both the first proper tartan accreditation ceremony held in Canada, and the first time a member of the Scottish Tartans Society visited Canada to officially accredit a tartan.

Use of the tartan is limited to traditional academic ceremonies such as convocation and a small collection of high-end accessory items offered through the University of Calgary Bookstore.