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The advertising that has been developed to date has a number of things in common. Each ad, regardless of the medium, is based on an overarching tone and style that is reflective of the positioning. They vary, given the medium, the audience and the key message but they are all part of the same family. Another common and extremely important feature of these ads is that they offer specific proof/evidence. That is, these ads don't just say momentum, they show momentum.

The tone and style of the ads -- as well as the choice of words, pictures, typeface, and colours -- all reflect intentional positioning. Overall, our ads should be intelligent, youthful, vibrant and assertive. We aspire to capture the energy and spirit of our academic pursuits and communicate that in a way that is relevant to each audience.

Please review our Visual Identity Guidelines, Advertising Chapter, before embarking on an advertising project. A good first step when considering an ad is to complete an advertising brief.

All external-facing advertising should be reviewed by University Relations before appearing in public.