Who is Eligible?

The UPass fee is a compulsory $151 and is added to student fees each term. Learn more about why it's a compulsory fee.

Full-Time Students

To be eligible you must be a full-time undergraduate or graduate student.

Undergraduate students must meet the following conditions to be eligible:

  • Full-time registration status. Full-time is considered a minimum of nine units per term. In Spring and Summer term, full time is considered a minimum of six units in either term. 


  • Registered in at least one on-campus course.

Graduate student eligibility is based on full-time registration status.

When eligibility criteria are met, you will see the UPass fee automatically assessed on your student account.

Students who are issued the UPass when their status is full-time and subsequently reduce their class load to part-time are no longer considered eligible to have the sticker or use the UPass program.

You are required to return your UPass sticker to the UPass Centre or Parking and Transportation Services. Please check the important UPass dates page for the date the UPass must be returned.

Failure to return the UPass prior to the deadline may affect future eligibility to participate in the UPass program. Students that change their status from part time to full-time must wait 48 hours for the change to appear in the system before they can get a UPass.

Co-op/Internship students

Co-op and Internship students are eligible to participate in the UPass program but must contact Enrolment Services, in person or by phone, to opt in and have the fee assessed.

If a Co-op/Intern student is registered in a course on campus the UPass fee is automatically assessed.

If the student subsequently drops that course, they must contact Enrolment Services to opt back in or return the UPass prior to the deadline. Failure to do so will impact future eligibility.

Visiting students

Visiting undergraduate students are not eligible to participate in the UPass program unless registered with the University of Calgary in a full-time capacity.

Visiting graduate students must contact the Faculty of Graduate Studies at graduate@ucalgary.ca to determine eligibility.