People sitting in groups in the Mathison Hall building, writing on paper and looking at their laptops while they discuss strategic planning topics. Corey Hogan facilitates the workshop from the center of the room.

Strategic planning workshops

As part of the next phase in the creation of our new strategic plan, a draft plan has been created based on internal and external data sources, as well as feedback collected during the first round of community consultation. Now is your chance to review the plan and share your thoughts on how we can further refine the draft for the next iteration.

Workshops will be held March 21 – 31, for 60 or 90 minutes, and are offered in-person and online. Registration for these workshops is now open.

All materials and background information you require for participation in these workshops will be provided upon registration. Light refreshments will be served at in-person workshops. 

All University of Calgary staff can get up to four hours during regularly scheduled work time to participate in strategic planning activities. Please work with your manager if you are looking to find time during work hours to attend one of these sessions. 

People in the Hunter Student Commons building.