Sea Kayaking

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Open Recreation Pool Session

Use our gear to practice and strengthen your paddling skills during this 1.5 hour session at the University of Calgary pool. Formal/paid instruction is not allowed. To reserve a spot, call Active Living Client Services at 403.220.7749. 14+. Prerequisite: ability to do a braced entry and wet exit. Clean personal boats and solo canoes are welcome. Includes: river/sea kayaks, paddles, spraydecks.

Sea Kayak Gear, Clothing & Food

In this evening lecture, you'll learn the basics of clothing/gear selection and menu-planning for a sea kayaking trip. We'll also look at packing strategies and waterproofing. Discover how to get it all in your kayak and still have room for a surprising variety of quality food. Prerequisite: none. Includes: instructor, course materials.

Sea Kayak Roll - Pool Clinic

Learning to roll a sea kayak could get you out of a sticky situation on the ocean. Receive step-by-step instruction in this 2-hour clinic to help you complete your first roll in the safety of the University of Calgary pool. A great confidence builder! Prerequisite: River Kayak Roll Introduction if rolling is a new skill for you. You may wish to bring a nose plug. Includes: instructor, all sea kayaking gear.