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A. Canoeing With Kids

This fun, family-friendly course offers the same skills as our 3-hour Intro to Lake Canoeing with a focus on getting kids involved and having fun at the same time. Each parent and child over 10 years old needs to register separately, but parents can put 1-3 children under 10 into the middle of their boat for no extra cost. Location: Bowness Park lagoon. Prerequisite: none. Includes: instructor, all canoe gear.

A. Intro to Lake Canoeing

You'll learn the basics in this beginner flatwater canoeing lesson that takes place within Calgary city limits. Choose a 3-hour course or a full-day program and learn how to track straight lines, turn and brace. The full-day course includes an afternoon tour where we'll cover safe travel and basic rescue techniques. Prerequisite: none. Includes: instructor, all canoe gear.

B. Intro to River Canoeing

Build on your flatwater canoeing skills and take them to the Bow River. Join us at Bowness Park where you will learn the skills to safely navigate moving water. Choose from a 3-hour lesson, or a full day where you'll enjoy a downstream paddle and learn about safe river travel. Prerequisite: Canoeing A or equivalent experience. Includes: instructor, all canoe gear.

A. Intro to Lake Solo Canoeing

Our solo canoes are designed for those wanting to progress to whitewater. They are smaller with thigh straps and a saddle—easier to maneuver in moving water. In this 3-hour introductory flatwater lesson, we'll focus on teaching the essential strokes you'll need to challenge yourself on the river. Prerequisite: none. Includes: instructor, all solo canoe gear.

B. Intro to River Solo Canoeing

Expand on your solo canoeing skills and learn how to paddle safely in moving water. This session takes place at the Bowness eddies on the Bow River, and you can choose from either a full-day or an evening lesson. We will be using whitewater solo canoes with saddles. Prerequisite: Solo Canoeing A or equivalent. Includes: instructor, all solo canoe gear.

Canoeing Expeditions - Teens

In 101, spend 3 days learning all about canoeing while paddling the Red Deer River upstream of Drumheller or the Bow River south of Calgary. Our guide will cover water safety, paddling strokes, river reading, navigation and how to pack for a multi-day trip. In 201, you’ll spend 5 days on the North Saskatchewan River near Rocky Mountain House learning canoe tripping skills, backcountry cooking, self-care and more. Required: check equipment list and additional information in the online event details. Prerequisite: ability to swim 50m while wearing a lifejacket. Must attend pretrip meeting with a parent to discuss required items and cover meal planning (food is not included). Includes: paddling guide, all canoe/group gear, transportation.

Custom Canoe/Kayak Program - Schools

Want to give your students the trip of the year? Customize a group booking through the Outdoor Centre. Our guides can teach your students the canoeing/kayaking and wilderness skills needed while on a single day trip or weeklong expedition. All gear can be provided by the Outdoor Centre. Fill out the Outdoor Centre Custom Group Activities Booking form to learn more.