Swimming (over 16yrs)

Learn to Float

Knowing how to float can save your life. Join us for a free learn to float class and take your first steps towards learning to swim. No experience required! 

Private Swimming Lessons - Adult

Working with a certified water safety instructor, adult swimmers can work on skills in the Red Cross Swim Basics or Sport Program. Whether you are looking for advancements in your workout or a little extra help, this one-on-one experience can provide it.


Adult Swim Basics 1

We help increase your comfort level and confidence in the water through floats, glides, kicking and swimming. Work with your Water Safety Instructor to set goals to develop your swimming skills. An introduction to swimming with a focus on front swim.

Adult Swim Basics 2

Help increase your comfort level and confidence in the water through floats, glides, kicking and swimming. Work with your Instructor to set goals to develop your swimming skills. Focus on developing the front and back crawl, establishing comfort in deep water, and increasing swimming distance.

Adult Swim Strokes

We help you develop several swimming strokes, working toward proficiency and increased endurance. Work with your instructor to set your goals and priorities. If you are interested in developing your strokes so that you can increase your fitness and endurance, this is the course for you.

Adult Swim Workout

Join the Red Cross Swim Workout and learn how to develop your own swimming training program. Learn skills and techniques to bring your strokes to the next level and get exposed to all that the water can do for you.

Masters Swim

The University of Calgary Masters Swim Club is made of people who enjoy swimming as a great cardiovascular workout. Members of the club may choose to compete, however it is not a requirement. Expert coaching will help you to improve your swimming technique and offer you a challenge. The club encourages new members to join its friendly social group. Swimming is one of the most beneficial cardiovascular workouts you can get!

In order to participate in this club, participants should have at least a basic swimming ability and can comfortably swim 100 meters continuously without assistance. Please be expecting of 4-6 swimmers per lane.

Water Safety Instructor Step 1 - Skills Evaluation

The Water Safety Instructor (WSI) program prepares you to instruct Red Cross Swim Programs. This evaluation ensures that you have the necessary water safety knowledge, strokes and skills equivalent to the Red Cross Swim Kids 10 performationce criteria and Instructor Emergency Response skills.

WSI candidates are required to complete the WSI Step 4: Classroom and Pool component within one year of the successful completion of the WSI Step 1: Skills Evaluaiton.

Water Safety Instructor Step 2 - Online Modules

The Water Safety Instructor (WSI) program prepares you to instruct Red Cross Swim Programs. These online modules focus on the theory of instruction through videos, virtual games, online activities, workbook exercises, and a knowledge evaluation at the end of each module.

After completing your Skills Evaluation, purchase your course materials package from the Client Services deek (KNA 104) to gain access to the online component.

You will have 6 months after completing the Online Modules to begin your Step 3: Teaching Experience.

Water Safety Instructor Step 3 - Teaching Experience

The Water Safety Instructor (WSI) program prepares you to instruct Red Cross Swim programs. In your teaching experience, you will assist a supervising Water Safety Instructor for first-hand experience with teaching progressions and swimmer skills in a class setting. This provides a frame of reference to reflect on and link to the theory of the course.

The Step 3: Teaching Experience must be completed within 6 months of finishing the Step 2: Online Modules, and prior to starting the Step 4: Classroom and Pool component.

Water Safety Instructor Step 4 - Transfer Only

The Water Safety Instructor Transfer course provides Swimming Instructors certified by another aquatic agency with instructional knowledge and skills specific to the Red Cross Swim programs.

Participants must complete the Step 1: Skills Evaluation, Step 2: Online Modules, and Step 3: Teaching Experience of the Water Safety Instructor program prior to this course.

Water Safety Instructor Recert

The Water Safety Instructor Recertification Clinic is developed by the Red Cross. There are classroom and pool components. You must participate in all portions of the clinic.

Red Cross Lifeguard Recertification

In this course certified Red Cross Lifeguards will get the chance to renew and refresh their skills. Challenge your current abilities while reviewing your existing knowledge base.

NL (National Lifeguard) Recertification

The NL Recertification clinic is highly recommended for all lifeguards. Recertification of your National Lifeguard (NL) certification is based on the ability to meet ALL performance criteria (Must Sees) laid out by the Lifesaving Society. Candidates are encouraged to practice skills and review knowledge to prepare for the recertification course. Ongoing training and maintaining an appropriate level of fitness is important to being able to lifeguard effectively.

Red Cross Assistant Lifeguard Instructor

Red Cross Lifeguard. Skilled. Proud. Ready.
This instructor certification course prepares Water Safety Instructors to teach the Red Cross Assistant Lifeguard Course.

Red Cross Assistant Lifeguard with Standard First Aid

Please note that these courses are no longer being offered in tandem. Please check out the Red Cross Assistant Lifeguard course. https://www.ucalgary.ca/ActiveLiving/registration/Program/rcassistguard?path=Pool_Lifeguarding