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Adult Skate 1

Never been on skates before? Has it been too long? Terrified of falling? In small groups, you will learn at your own pace. Focus is on balance, falling down and getting up, moving forwards, gliding, and building confidence on ice.

Adult Skate 2

Once you can glide, snowplow stop, and walk backwards, this level 2 class will introduce intermediate skills like one foot glides, edges, side stops and backwards c-cuts.

Adult Skate 3

For those wanting to improve their backwards skating & edges whil learning crossovers, pivot turns, tight turns and other advanced skills.

Learn to Inline Skate

Designed for those who have never in-line skated before, this two-hour course includes the basics of in-line skating. Learn how to outfit yourself with equipment and practice in-line skating skills including balance, basic striding, and turning with control.