Recreational Kayaking

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A. Recreational Kayaking - Intro to Lake

Recreational kayaks are stable boats designed for casual paddling on calm water—perfect for newbies. Join us for a 2.5-hour session at Bowness Park and learn the basic strokes you need to enjoy a short tour. Prerequisite: none. Includes: instructor, all kayaking gear.

Paddle Fitness

This is a smart, fun fitness program in a recreational kayak designed to give you a great core workout. We'll meet in the evening, once a week for five weeks, and work on strength, balance, endurance and injury prevention. With both on-water and dryland fitness components, this program is sure to improve your strength and paddling skills. Prerequisite: Recreational Kayaking A or equivalent experience. Includes: instructor, all kayaking gear.

Recreational Kayaking Day Trips

Learn the basics of recreational kayaking on this scenic day-paddle that's out of the city in a beautiful destination. This trip includes instruction on recreational kayaks, basic strokes and paddling safety. Prerequisite: none. Includes: instructor, all kayaking gear.