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Keiki Longboarding

Spend a week riding the pathways to cool Calgary locations. We'll also participate in games and activities and even go swimming. Longboarding instructors will emphasize safety, etiquette, the rules of the pathway and equipment maintenance. Choose the program based on skill level. 101: new riders (very limited to no riding time). 201: riders (longboard/skateboard) who have taken 101 or can do the basics—pushing, balance and minor turns. 301: competent riders who have taken 201 or are comfortable with pushing, breaking, turns and are eager to learn new skills. Two levels of this camp will run each week and will operate in part together. Groups will be divided based on ability. Required: protective gloves and helmet. Check equipment list and additional information in the online event details. Includes: instructor, longboarding equipment except for helmets (longboard, knee and elbow pads). Please note: longboards are available for purchase at the end of the week (based on availability).