Ice Hockey and Power Skating

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Adult Power 1

Are you new to hockey or ringette, and can skate forwards, backwards, stop and turn? We will teach skating skills like two foot stops, c-cuts, right turns, crossovers and improve balance, stride & edges.

Adult Power 2

For those who've been playing hockey or ringette for a season or two, and completed Power 1. Focus is on improving balance, edges and speed while performing fundamental skating skills.

Adult Power 3

Want to benefit from expert skating instruction to become a more efficient skater? We will break down your skating skills to correct common mistakes and improve your skating technique to increase efficiency on your blades.

Adult Hockey 1

This is the first step in learning to play hockey. You must be able to skate forwards and backwards, stop on both sides, and perform a variety of turns. Instructors will teach basic hockey skills like puck handling, passing, and shooting while focusing on correct stick placement and posture.

Adult Hockey 2

After mastering the introductory skills in Hockey 1, you'll be ready for this next step in improving your game. Instructors will continue to focus on puck handling skills, passing, and shooting all while moving. Course includes a 10-15 minute scrimmage to help expand your understanding of the game.

Adult Hockey 3

Want to improve your game? more complex drills are covered such as advanced puck handling skills, open ice striding with and without pucks, gap control, one touch passing, shooting, and playing strategies.