Ice Hockey and Power Skating

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Little Kids Hockey

This parent & child hockey course will get your little ones off to the right hockey start. Help your child learn the fundamentals of hockey in a fun and supportive environment. Highly qualified instructors will teach basic hockey skills, refresh skating fundamentals, and facilitate scrimmages.

Kids Hockey 1

This is the first step in learning to play hockey. Skaters must be able to skate forwards and backwards, stop and turn. (Kids Skate level 2) Instructors will teach basic hockey skills like puck handling, passing, and shooting while focusing on correct stick placement and posture.

Kids Hockey 2

Skaters must be able to skate forwards and backwards with speed, stop on both sides, and can perform basic puck handling skills. Common hockey drills are introduced, with a focus on individual skill such as hockey stance, hand positions on stick, stationary puck control, passing, shooting and individual tactics.

Kids Hockey 3

Skaters will learn more advanced skating and hockey skills. More complex drills are covered with a focus on advanced puck handling skills, open ice striding with and without pucks, gap control, one touch passing and shooting, and playing strategies.

Timbits-Novice Power Skating

For kids in their first, second, or third year of hockey who can skate forwards, backwards, stop, and turn. We will teach skills like two foot stops, c-cuts tight turns, and improve balance, stride and coordination on skates.

Atom - Peewee Power Skating

We will break down skating skills to correct common mistakes and improve their skating technique. Each class will have a specific focus; for example explosive starts and stops, forward stride, backward movement, turning and crossovers using inside and outside edge control and overspeed crossovers.