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Belay Test and Orientation

To use the climbing facility during open public hours, all users must first pass the Belay Test, complete an Orientation and fill out a Waiver/consent form. No booking required - just show up with your partner!

Mon-Friday 5-9 pm 
Sat and Sunday  12 pm to 6 pm

In the Belay Test you must successfully demonstration your ability to;
  • Put on a harness
  • Tie the Figure 8 follow through knot
  • Belay with an ATC or Gri-Gri
  • Catch a planned and surprise fall
  • Lower a climber
  • Communicate with your climbing partner
  • Demonstrate safety checks
There is no teaching or instruction provided in this test.   If an Outdoor Centre staff member has reason to believe you received any instruction less than 24 hours prior to taking this exam they have the right to refuse to administer the Belay test.  Don't have these skills?  Search for the Quick Intro program on our website. 

Youth under 7 
Are not permitted to belay, but can climb with an Adult or youth with a completed belay test. Supervision is required all at times. 

Youth 7-14
Must have a parent or legal guardian fill out a Youth Consent Form. Youth under the age of 14 must be directly supervised while belaying at all times by a responsible adult with a current belay card and orientation.

Youth 14-18
Must have a parent or legal guardian fill out a Youth Consent Form. Youth 14-18 are permitted to climb unsupervised after successfully completing an In Gym Orientation and Belay Test in the presence of their parent or legal guardian.

Climbing and Bouldering Wall Booking

Experiential programs as short as 1 hour and educational classes that cater to any skill level and interest.

All of our lessons start with a brief (15-20min) lesson that covers basic belay skills and climbing safety, then the participants have the remaining time to apply these skills and climb.  In longer programs, Instructors can include additional rope skills, movement lessons and/or rappelling.

After learning bouldering safety and falling techniques (5min) participants receive free bouldering time as well as directed movement lesson(s) supported by engaging games and challenges.

For more information and costs email Ashley

Quick Intro to Climbing

Climbing is exploding in popularity—and for good reason. Get hooked on this fun and challenging sport in this 2-hour lesson while learning all of the skills needed to pass a belay test. No experience required. Includes instructor and climbing equipment

University Climbing Club

Fitting a climbing session into our busy lives is always a challenge, but finding a reliable, safe climbing partner with the same schedule can make this even harder. Led by one of our experienced climbing instructors, this club ensures that you enjoy a weekly climb in a fun and relaxed environment.
Join any time! The price will be adjusted to reflect the number of remaining classes in the series. 
Prerequisite: Able to pass a belay test. Includes free equipment rentals, climbing day pass, and personalized movement coaching 

Multi-Pitch Climbing

Multi-pitch climbing with the Outdoor Centre is not your standard guided excursion; our ACMG certified guides blend incredible outdoor experiences with practical coaching and instruction.  Learn about direct anchor belays, rope management, anchor cleaning, rappelling, and outdoor safety while taking in the view off the side of a rock face. 

All climbers welcome - we will find a route that works for your skill level and interest.
1:1 and 1:2 guide to participant ratios

Offered May to the end of September
Email Ashley at to book your dates.

Beginner Climbing Series

Develop a complete climbing skills-base by learning safe belay skills and progressively building technical movement skills and knowledge. In this multi-week series, our experienced instructors blend instructional time with personalized coaching and provide plenty of time to practice. No experience required. Includes instructor, climbing equipment, shoes, free belay test credit.


Make the most of your summer and try out your climbing skills out on real rock. Learn outdoor crag etiquette, safety, and basic outdoor movement techniques from ACMG certified instructors while taking in incredible mountain views.  
All skills levels welcome- belay skills will be taught if needed. 

Prerequisite: youth 12-17years must be accompanied by an adult. Includes climbing equipment, ACMG certified guides

Learn to Lead

This 3-hour course will prepare you to successfully and safely lead climb indoors. Learn about rope management, lead belaying, clipping, preventing injuries and simple sport anchors. Finish the course with practical lead climbing experience and all the skills you need to pass a lead climbing test. Prerequisite: must confidently climb 5.8 on top rope. Previous instruction on basic movement techniques recommended. Includes instructor, climbing day pass and lead rack.

To request a private or group lead climbing lesson contact Ashley at

Anchor Basics

Discover and practice easy-to-remember systems for building and cleaning anchors that will work in a wide variety of scenarios in this 3-hour course. There can be an overwhelming amount of information that comes with outdoor anchor systems but we believe that simple is safest.  Prerequisite: Learn to Lead or equivalent. Includes instructor and anchor-building materials.

For outdoor dates please see the 'Complete Learn to Lead' program

Complete Learn to Lead

Lead into new possibilities with this climbing combination course designed to get you off the ground and onto the sharp end. On our wall or at a local crag, you'll learn the fundamentals needed to safely lead climb sport routes outdoors and get back down again safely. This program includes both the Learn to Lead and Anchor Basics program for a total of 6 hours of instructional time at a discounted rate. 

Outdoor dates offered June to end of September.

Our dates don't match with your schedule? Request a private or group Complete L2L course on a day that works best for you by emailing Ashley at

Crack and Trad

Take full advantage of the finger to chimney-sized cracks in our unique facility to get a real-to-life crack climbing experience indoors! Not only will you twist, lock, jam, squeeze and thrash ’til it hurts so good, but participants will also learn to place and assess gear.
Outdoor dates offered spring and summer.

To request a private or group crack climbing or trad lesson contact Ashley at

Rescue Tips and Tricks

This rock rescue course teaches fundamental techniques that can be applied in a wide variety of situations. Help your partner through that crux section, escape the belay or quickly descend to safety with uncomplicated solutions.

If you have taken Rock Rescue (or equivalent) with us before and are looking for a refresher receive $25% off when you call in to register.
403.220.5038 ext. 5

Outdoor dates offered June to end of September. To request a private or group rescue skills or refresher course contact Ashley at

Outdoor ABC’s

This one-day outdoor power program will teach you the skills to take your climbing outside on your own. Learn safe, easy to remember anchor systems for top roping and sport leading and then explore simple rescue tips and tricks that will prepare for those sticky situations. For the very keen, the option to play with crack movement and gear placement will also be available. This course covers all the must-knows for single-pitch rock climbing so you can get out and play safely this summer.

Offered May to the end of September
Our scheduled programs don’t work with your life?  Email Ashley to request other dates.

Custom Outdoor Climbing

Learn climbing skills outdoors - on your schedule. We offer a full range of custom outdoor climbing experiences from introductory private and group lessons to outdoor lead climbing, rock rescue, and trad climbing.  Programs are available spring and summer at local climbing crags.
  • School Groups
  • Scouts/Girl Guides
  • Private groups
  • Birthday parties
  • Private lesson
For more information email Ashley at

Get Active! PD Day

Active Living is excited to offer your family a variety of activities on PD Days! Engage your child’s mind and body through a variety of safe and fun activities offered by Active Living including indoor climbing, gymnastics, gym games and active gaming. Your child won’t want to miss out on this exciting new opportunity to get active instead of sitting at home on a PD Day! Activities are presented as examples only and may change due to availability.

Before Care (8:00-8:30am) F19YCBC102 and After Care (4:30-5:00pm) S19YCAC102 is available for PD Day Programs

Custom Adapted Climbing

Custom adaptive climbing programs for youth and adults with mental or physical considerations. These individualized programs will focus on developing physical literacy, confidence and a sense of success through climbing and bouldering.  

For more information, contact Ashley at Want to explore other adaptive programs? Search ‘Adaptive Programs’ on our website.

Kids Adapted Climbing Series

The KACS program is for youth with mental or physical considerations and will focus on developing physical literacy, confidence and a sense of success through climbing and bouldering.   In this program, trained volunteers will be paired up with your child to provided 1:1 support (including belaying, spotting, encouragement, and completing safety checks). Our Climbing Instructors ensure a safe positive environment and will progressively teach climbing and movement skills throughout this 10-week series. 


This beginner play-based program introduces young climbers-to-be to the vertical world. Kids 4-6 years old will build confidence and physical literacy skills through bouldering games and top-rope climbing over a series of weeks. Our kid-oriented instructors teach safety and emphasize making climbing FUN. No experience required. Includes climbing equipment, kid-oriented instruction.

Mountain Kids

This beginner climbing series will get kids 7-10 years old excited to be active and explore their limits. Over a series of weeks, learn to belay and develop fundamental movement skills through top-rope climbing and bouldering. No experience required. Includes climbing equipment, kid-oriented instruction.

Youth Climbing Club

Develop body awareness, coordination and strength—and have tons of fun. In this introductory series for youth 10-14 years old, attend weekly sessions with our dedicated coaches who teach key skills for climbing and belaying safely. No experience required. Includes instructor, climbing equipment.

Teen Climbing Club

Do you love climbing and ready to learn more? This 10-week intermediate program for teens offers a fun, social environment to develop lead climbing skills, discover mental tricks, and learn new movement techniques. Our coaches incorporate warm-ups, stretching and strength training into each class to increase fitness and build awareness around injury prevention.  Includes instructor, climbing equipment. Prerequisite: must be able to top rope belay and top rope climb 5.8 comfortably.

*This program is replacing the Youth Advanced and Youth Skill Building Series

Youth Advanced Series

In this 10-week series, teens 13-17 will refine lead climbing, and learn anchor building, multi-pitch and rappelling skills alongside intermediate to advanced movement techniques to make them confident, competent climbers indoor or outside. Our instructors incorporate warm-ups, stretching and strength training into each class to prevent injuries and improve overall fitness.
Prerequisite: significant climbing experience. Includes instructor, climbing equipment. Payment options available.

Climb On Outdoors - Teens

Spend 3 days rock climbing at popular beginner routes in and around Kananaskis Country with ACMG guides. In 101, you'll have fun as you learn basic climbing skills like belaying, climbing calls and movement. In 201, you're already comfortable with the basics so you'll work on developing foot placement, hand positions and route reading. Required: check equipment list and additional information in the online event details. Prerequisite for 201: Climb On Outdoors 101 or equivalent. Includes: ACMG guides, all climbing equipment.

Outdoor Winter Break Camp

Spend 2 days over winter holidays having fun and playing in the snow. Enjoy cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in Kananaskis. There is something here for everyone and you'll have great stories and new skills to share when you return to school. If there isn't enough snow to ski and snowshoe we will hike and build shelters. Grades 2-8 camps available. Includes: instructor, equipment, passes, permits, transportation. Required: weather-appropriate clothing and indoor footwear.